12 Career Changing Artistry Recommendations

It’s not hard nor easy to succeed in the music industry. For most business minds, it’s all about knowing what keys to turn. Today, we share with you 12 career changing artistry recommendations you can apply as soon as 5 minutes after you read this post that will change the way you see success with music.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#1: Do Your Research

Being successful in music takes a lot of research and the less you know, the easier you are to fool.

career changing artistry recommendations

There’s a lot of people that claim they know what they do. However, you will never realize how far behind they are or how well they work until you are ahead of them. 

So artists, get your research game on. You would be surprised at how seamless everything will flow afterwards. When you know what role a producer plays, you can identify when the person you’re working with isn’t fulfilling them. You will be able to give a proper direction to achieve what you want. This of course includes production and business wise.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#2: Work on Yourself

What makes an artist stand out from the crowd of millions of other artists is their knowledge of everything else.

Most artists focus on what they know best which is great  but you must have the will to invest in yourself to get whatever piece of the puzzle it is you find missing.

Having writing and singing skills is essential to a music career. However, extras like playing one or two instruments and having a clear musical vision is very significant in telling what type of artist you are. As well, knowing how to direct your team and having great performance skills are just a complete top-up for your career. This is called the ‘artist package’ and can make a huge difference as to what opportunities you get.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#3: Don’t Bet on Music

Music is not considered a career for beginners because it seems impossible to attain success with it.

career changing artistry recommendations

We all know music is a great path to financial freedom. However, we don’t know how to get to where we want with it. Here’s the key. 

Music is not a bet; what you put into it is exactly what you get out of it. So if you treat music as something on the side, you will very much get ‘on-the-side’ results from it. If you’re not willing to invest, then your music will not return to you either.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#4: See Music as a Business

Just as every successful business, if you want a successful music career, you need to set up your own, or have some sort of access to teams.

career changing artistry recommendations

As every other business has a brand, products or services, and different teams to fulfill each strategic department, so does music. 

Music requires the following teams investment; production, live music band, administrative, marketing, publicity, sales, distribution, branding, merch, agency, management, negotiators, image production, tour crew and even security depending on how big you plan for yourself. 

Now of course Black Starliner Studios offers these teams to facilitate your career but be rest assured that if you go into a football game as a team of 5 players, you’re certain to fail. 

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#5: Dial Down on Comparisons

Learn new ways to get your music out there sure, but don’t compare your entire artistry to some other popular or signed artist.

career changing artistry recommendations

Everybody has a different story, and they know what they’ve had to do or give up to be successful. 

Most artists have given up their rights to ownership and others have given up their intelligence to write conscious music. The image on the billboard is so beautiful from the bottom until you work as a contractor to put that image up. Be aware and satisfied with your progress and move slowly to achieve your goals. You’re doing great as long as you’re moving!

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#6: Learn to Express Your Direction

You’ll never get satisfied as an artist especially when you know what you want until you can properly communicate your vision.

career changing artistry recommendations

Terminology is a big thing in the music industry, especially when working with people in all stages of pre-production, production, post-production, and even in the aftermath up to marketing.

When you lack proper expression, you give everyone working with you a hard time, then you’ll turn into the artist that no one wants to work with due to being too difficult to please. Learning proper communication doesn’t just get you exactly what you want, but it also leaves everyone happy and leads to potential relationships that can change your life for good. Always communicate to be understood.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#7: Find Your Sound

Knowing your mic, range, genre, and the best vocal techniques that work for you is one of the best ways to invest in yourself as an artist.

Every artist wants to be identified 5 seconds into their song and it’s not just about saying your name.

Sound is addictive and the major reason a crowd chooses one artist over another when they both write about the same things, perform the same genre and have the same vocal range is the simple fact of consistency. Knowing your comfort zone as an artist enhances how you express yourself through your music and that reflects in the frequency, contendness and emotion in your voice which your audience captivate when they listen to your music or watch you perform. 

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#8: No H-S Engineers in Pro Studios

You can take the engineers out of the home studio but you can’t take the home studio out of them.

top 6 music facilitation companies in canada black starliner studios

Many engineers who have home studios (H-S) usually don’t have access or experience with the gear professional studios have and taking a home studio engineer to a pro studio literally does you more harm than good. This is because they most likely don’t know how to get the best out of that new environment as they would with their home studio which you already tried to avoid to get great quality music. 

Get the best sound for your music with pro studios, and if anything, utilize junior engineers who are apprentices in pro studios as they are directly thought and have more knowledge of things your home studio engineer might not know.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#9: Get a Real Producer

Producers make a ton of difference in an artist and their product. They can either make or break your career, quite literally. 

career changing artistry recommendations

I’ve come across audio engineers, directors and listening ears who called themselves producers and even got a percentage of the royalties from a song without fulfilling any responsibility of a producer. 

Of course instrumental and beat producers are a different situation but in this case, I mean artist production. If a so-called producer has nothing to do with the lyrics, melody and most importantly preparation of the artist for the song they claim to be producing, the artist never gets the best out of the song for one but they’re also paying to be exploited. 

Great music come from great minds and working with great minds causes that explosion you need for your music career so don’t just get any “producer”, look up what a producer is supposed to do and ensure whoever you’re working with is fulfilling those services.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#10: Administer Your Business

Artists can only protect themselves; their ownership, rights, and revenue in music through administration. That’s what make labels.

No matter how big an artist might look or how much music they make a month or year, if they don’t administer their music properly, their success will definitely hang on the fence. 

Administering music entails ownership, royalty registering, copyright application, licensing, tracking e.t.c. Without all these, be rest assured that there will be no income for you whatsoever from music. This is the big bridge between popular artists like Davido and your next door neighbor who is a broke artist.

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#11: Marketing is Key

How does an artist get their music in front of one million potential listeners? Now that’s for you to think about!

career changing artistry recommendations

Most new artists distribute their music digitally on major platforms and social media sites but don’t invest in promotion at all. 

If you don’t put your music in front of anyone’s face, no one will know you exist and distribution is not just enough. Of course how serious you promote your music aligns with how much you invest and what income you want in return but if you want a hostile takeover of the industry, you must be willing to get it by all means necessary!

Career Changing Artistry Recommendation

#12: One Step at a Time

You can never win when you have no idea what game your opponents are playing. Spoiler alert! The game is called ATTENTION!  

Whatever you do with the attention when you get it is up to you, but once you have it, it’s for a lifetime. 

It takes one song to make it in the music industry. So instead of recording and releasing as many songs as possible, focus more on hitting a market. Whatever music, product or service you decide to pursue after that already has a market/fanbase/audience waiting to grab it. 

Do you know any career changing artistry recommendations? Kindly leave a comment below or tweet us @Starliner_OTT


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