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behind the scenes at black Starliner Studios

Black Starliner Studios is Canada’s Number One 24/7 One-Stop  Music Facilitation Company. It is a multi-functional music facility established in 2006 for the sole purpose to serve, grow with, encourage and guide musical entrepreneurs, as well as facilitate the birth of music as an unshakeable source in spreading knowledge and gaining utmost financial freedom.

Our company prides in offering compelling value to our customers by providing a wide spectrum of personalized products and services with affordable prices and a secured platform for seamless online user experience.

Black Starliner Studios is not just any company, it’s home for all. Our clients are in search of a place like home where they belong and our fulfillment comes from our contribution to their success. 

It is not just a company to client relationship here at home, it’s a cycle that does nothing but make us all better and gives us all something to look forward to. 

It is our joy to know and to let you know that we are all in this journey to knowledge and financial freedom together.

Our story

A wise woman once said, 

“Life is like a movie. However, what makes life unbeatable; you are the heroine, the villain, and more importantly, YOU ARE THE WRITER! So you can either go with the flow and see where life takes you, or pick up your pen, write down your goals, create a step-by-step daily plan, and follow it through until you get where you want to be”.

Our company provides all the music facilitation we ourselves needed at a point in our lives. We saw that there was no music facilitation company by us and for us in our community and we decided to create it ourselves. 

From just that one action, Black Starliner Studios has been able to facilitate the musical journey of hundreds in the Ottawa community and beyond over those 13 years!

Your story can only begin when you pick up a pen. Just like we did, Write Your Story!


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write your story today!


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