If you doubt the authenticity of any type of correspondence claiming to originate from Black Starliner Studios, please email This alerts the company to the potential scam and allows for it to be investigated and remediated, if necessary.

The company is aware of numerous forms of fraudulent correspondence including, but not limited to: email, postal mail, fax, and telephone, all claiming to be from, or associated with Black Starliner Studios. They may be circulated in a number of different languages and often include company logo, photos, links, or other information taken directly from our official website, .

Unfortunately, scams claiming to be from or associated with the company are growing in volume and, in many cases, can be quite sophisticated. Our security team is working with law enforcement to make every effort to stop such scams, but unfortunately, we cannot stop them all. Please be advised that Black Starliner Studios nor its employees, grantees, or partner organizations do not request information about bank accounts or other private information.

For more information about the Federal Trade Commission’s efforts against these kinds of fraud or filing a complaint with the agency, please visit Division of Privacy and Identity Protection and FTC Complaint AssistantFor further questions and comments contact us.

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