top 6 music facilitation companies in canada

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada

Are you in search of the best ways to kick-start your music career? Most of the time, the changes and opportunities you need depend on who or what companies you surround yourself with. These are called music facilitation companies, and they provide full facilitation for your music career. They are a one-stop-shop offering all or most services you need as a beginner artist. We have compiled a list of the top 6 music facilitation companies in Canada to boost your search.

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Every musician dream to reach, touch, and make an impact on as many ears as they can get. However, having great music can’t achieve that. A successful career does not just comprise great lyrics, instrumental and audio production. Access to a team is essential.
Professionally trained producers, composers, lyricists, and audio engineers are significant. However, facilitation companies understand and can provide all you need upon product completion. They can boost any career from 0 – 100 in a single track!
Before this decade, artists only got facilitation because they were signed to a record label. Music facilitation companies have changed the game. Now the likes of Drake, PartyNextDoor, and The Weekend are at reach.
We have combined a list of the top 6 music facilitation companies in the country. With this list, we aim to increase your inspiration by 70%.
Below are the top 6 music facilitation companies in Canada:

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#1 – Black Starliner Studios (Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec)

This 24/7 one-stop music facilitation company is located Downtown Ottawa, in the heart of Canada’s capital city. They provide services across the city, spreading all the way to Gatineau, Quebec. Black Starliner Studios stand as number 1 in all of Canada. This is because they pride in providing services to aid every musical talent at every stage of their music career – from start to finish

They have worked with multiple talents all over the world including but not limited to Glen Washington, Freddy McGregor, Confidence, Nature, Downate, Junior Reid, Ras Lee, Root Movement, Torch, Biggie Irie, ½ Pint, etc.


No. of Years Established: 13

Location: 430 Rideau Street, Ottawa. K1N 5Z1. ON


Phone: 613-789-8955

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#2 – Number 9 Audio Group (Toronto, Ontario)

Number 9 Audio Group is one of Toronto’s pride powerhouses. The facility has 5 isolated recording booths as well as control, piano, and live rooms. They focus on recording, mixing, and mastering but have complimentary departments to fulfill more video and graphic needs upon product completion. They have worked with David Clayton-Thomas, The Rolling Stones, Sean Paul, etc.


  • Recording, Mixing & Mastering
  • Audio Engineering & Photography/Videography Courses
  • CD/DVD Manufacturing
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Studio Equipment Rentals
  • Creative Services – Graphic Design

No. of Years Established: 36

Location: 222 Gerard St East, Toronto. M5A 2E8. ON

Phone: 416-348-8718 & 1-855-998-6799 (Toll-Free Outside GTA)

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#3 – Frequency Studios (Calgary, Alberta)

Frequency Studios is one of Alberta’s first-rate music facilitation companies. The company offers services that cater to pre-production, production, and post-production needs. They also provide audio production for film and television.


  • Music Production
  • Music Marketing, Music Videos
  • Artist Development
  • Photography
  • Design / Building
  • Lessons
  • Film & Television Audio Production

No. of Years Established: 9

Location: 52 Sundown Green SE Calgary. T2X 2Y2. AB

Phone: 403-460-1052

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#4 – Q.E.D. Media (Hamilton, Ontario)

Q.E.D. is an audio/visual production company featuring 2 recording studios and video editing suites with separate live studios and sound stages to facilitate filming, audio recording, and live performances. They have worked with Pizza Pizza, Bankten Communications, TUBE Productions, World Records, Blues Festival, Capitol Hill, etc


No. of Years Established: 33

Location: 205 Cannon St East. L8L 2A9. ON

Phone: 416-534-3735

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#5 – River Music Services (London, Ontario)

Located in the home of its owner, River Music secures the talents of various musicians and vocalists on a contract basis for each project. They have worked with 3rd Stratosphere, A.J. Vink, Angela Mercer, Bev Giroux, Dave Slater, Elizabeth Quinn, Gateway Church, etc.


No. of Years Established: 22

Location: 309 Blackacres Blvd. London. N6G 3C4. ON

Phone: 519-281-8186, 905-240-1577

Top 6 Music Facilitation Companies in Canada:

#6 – Studio Cloud 30 (Vancouver/Delta, British Columbia)

Studio Cloud 30 is a mini talent development hub that offers a majority of the things artists need to kick-start their music careers. They have expanded over the years to 3 locations in BC and provide performance opportunities, assistance with grant applications, etc.


No. of Years Established: N/A


  • Vancouver Fairview Slopes 2208A Spruce Street, Vancouver, BC
  • Tsawwassen Town Centre 1247A 56th Street, Delta, BC
  • Burnaby 2323 Boundary Road, Unit 109

Phone: 604-696-1830

Do you know any top music facilitation company in Canada that we missed? Kindly leave a comment below or tweet us @Starliner_OTT


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