Online Database Coming February 2020

Our online database will contain Beats, Instrumental and Lyrical compositions available to the public for purchase. Most products will have all available licences and all documentation will be done at your fingertips! You will no longer have to get customized beats, instrumentals or lyrics as you will have multiple to choose from.

What is a Composition?

A composition refers to the unique qualities that define a song such as its Lyrics, Melody (Beat/Instrumental) and Structure (Arrangement).

We're All About Music

Here at Black Starliner Studios, we understand your music needs and we provide beats, instrumental & lyrical compositions customized to your vision. As well, if you already have your compositions and you just want to enhance them, we can facilitate that!


We can work your project completely from scratch to your vision as directed.


We can edit or arrange your unfinished project to get the structure you want.


We can completely upgrade your project to the Black Starliner Standard and Sound.

Beat / Instrumentals

Lay the Foundation Sounds / Live Instruments

Edit & Arrange your Beat / Instrumental

Mix & Pre-Master your Beat / Instrumental


Turn your Idea into a Song

Edit & Arrange your Unfinished Song 

Give your Unfinished Song a Catchy Melody & Teach you How to Vocalize it

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