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Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Basic Recommended Song Production?

In order to achieve the Black Starliner Standard for your track(s), we recommend a minimum duration of 2 hours recording, 3 hours mixing, 1 master and the utilization of 1 producer to oversee your project. 

The time spent in the production varies by your budget, the purpose of your project, and the services you utilize.

Can I Pay $5 Less Per Hour Because There is No Rehearsal Equipment?

Our company prides in providing fully facilitated rehearsal spaces however, we are not obligated to provide all equipment you need. Upon booking, let us know all the equipments you need and they will either be provided or you will be notified of their absence when necessary.

What is Set-Up and Tear-Down Fees?

When a client books any of our rehearsal spaces, the regular prices they pay excludes technical support therefore, they are required to set-up and tear-down by themselves. In any case the clients need assistance, they must pay a fee of $5 (this includes during complains of malfunctionality as all equipment are tested).

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Once a service is booked, the client has 24 hours to cancel the appointment for a full refund. If the 24 hours grace period goes by, we take it that such appointment was consciously and willingly booked by the client. 

What is Your Refund Policy?

In order to protect the right and privacy of our digital contributors, all purchased digital products are non-refundable. Merchandise purchased from the website are non-refundable. All booked services cancelled after the 24 hours grace period will result in a 50% service fee therefore you will get only a 50% refund of the total service fee.

Are Children Calculated Under The Room Capacity?

Children are people. Every client that fails to adhere to the room capacity limit is required to pay a fine of $20 per hour for every extra head.

Can I Get More Time If My Service Provider is at Fault?

If a client fulfills all expected conduct and the service provider is either late, troubleshooting or takes a break, time will be stopped and continued upon resumption of the session. 

The Equipment I Rented Didn't Work, Can I Get a Refund?

All our equipment are tested before picked up or delivered for rent. If the equipment is malfunctional upon drop-off or pick-up by the company staff, the client won’t only be denied a refund but also be required to pay a damage fine.

Where Do We Eat Our Food?

All groups larger than 4 members must pay to utilize the cafe at $20 an hour for their meal sessions. If a client booked a 3 hours rehearsal slot, they must book an extra hour for their meal to be eaten in the cafe. No food or drinks are allowed in any of the studio rooms, even when the cafe is booked.

I am 1 Hour Early for My After-Hours Appointment, Why is the Company Closed?

Our staff are obligated to be at the company location at the exact time booked online. We are not obligated to entertain a decompressing time for our clients. All set-up must be done within the booked hour.

Can I Still Have 1 Hour Even When I Arrive 30 Minutes Late for my Booked Service?

Our service fulfillment procedure requires that once a service is booked, the client has to arrive at the requested time to achieve complete fulfillment. If a client arrives 30 minutes late for their 1 hour booked time, they will have access to the studio facilities for only 30 minutes.

I Paid a 50% Deposit, Why am I Being Denied Access to the Company facilities?

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve every requested slot. Upon a client arriving the company premises to fulfill their booked service time, if we have not received a full payment, they will be denied access to the studio facilities.

I Paid my Balance 30 Minutes in, Why Can't I Get my Full Hour?

All payment processes do not affect the booked time. If a client pays their balance 30 minutes into the booked hour, they will have access to the studio facilities for only 30 minutes.

I Missed my Appointment, Can I Get a Refund?

We are not responsible for any client’s time of arrival so all missed appointments require a zero (0) refund cancellation. 

If a client paid just a 50% deposit for their booked time, they will be denied access to the studio facilities (even if they booked online) until their outstanding balance of 50% is cleared.

Why Am I Being Charged an Extra Unbooked Hour?

All clients have until the last minute of their booked time to exit the premises. All tear-down must be done within the booked hour. Any meetings or hangout in the company premises 3 minutes after expiration of a client’s booked time (except called for by the manager) will require payment for an extra unbooked hour that must be paid in full before exit. 

I Didn't Open my Food, Why am I Being Asked to Pay a Fine?

If a client is caught with any food or drink inside any of the studio rooms (with exception to water in the booth), each of them with food must pay a fine of $50 for disregard of the company policy and intentional exposure to the facilities to potential damage. The fine must be paid before exiting the premises or the client will be denied access to the studio facilities until it the debt is cleared.

I Violated the Code of Conduct, What Happens Next?

Failure to adhere to the Black Starliner Studios Code of Conduct can result in any or all of the following:

a. A fine of $50 – $5,000

b. Suspension from the company premises

c. Paid supervised entry and use of the studio facilities

d. Ban from the company premises

e. If necessary, involvement with the local police

Why am I Being Asked to Pay for Damage I Didn't Cause?

The owner of the account used to book service time is responsible for all damages caused within their booked time ; by band members, friends, or children. 

Failure to pay the requested fine or consequences will result to denied access to the studio facilities.

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