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Black Starliner Studios officially welcomes you to a new era of the music industry. Long before now, musical entrepreneurs could only be successful when they were signed to a record label. We have just changed the game. Now, you no longer have to sign your life off to get access to the team you need. We pride in providing optimal music career facilitation to entrepreneurs who want to utilize music as a path to their financial freedom.

Our Beginning

This company was established and has been functioning for 13 years now. Without being fully launched, we have been providing services to hundreds of artists in Ottawa and beyond. Throughout those years, we have encouraged those artists and entrepreneurs to write their stories and take charge of their lives by seeing music as a path to achieving financial success and freedom.


At the beginning of 2019, we saw to it that we weren’t only supporting our clients but also ourselves by writing our own story. Ottawa is a beautiful city that’s home to abundant talent; artists, dancers, models, photographers, instructors, event planners, etc. However, there hasn’t been any collectiveness among us.

Where You Come In

Our company is that home that boards all of us as one. We know your goals as an artist or a striving entrepreneur. By interacting with hundreds of clients, we realized what you need to achieve those goals. Therefore, we have expanded our services to fulfill the needs of all musical entrepreneurs in the community.

So whether you are an artist, model, dancer, instructor, engineer, composer, back-up-singer, musician, etc. There is something for you! Our company was literally established to provide optimal music career facilitation.

At Black Starliner Studios, you meet everybody. There is room to connect and collaborate freely. The best part of it all is that you never have to compromise any of your goals, values, or yourself. Actually, we ensure you know your worth and value.

We know the significance of proper music career administration and are here to make you feel more, do more, and get more out of your art. Your enthusiasm and drive to make the change you want to see in the world is what keeps us going. We want to make it easier for you through our services, through the path we’ve created from working with entrepreneurs like you.

Our team sees those 13 years of ground-work as experience. A learning process with success and observations that have only lead to the company we are today.

We started off as a music recording studio. Now, we have amplified into complete music facilitation. We find our joy in providing the optimal music career facilitation you need to achieve success.

Black Starliner Studios has so much to offer to the Ottawa Community and beyond. The time has come that we create a musical empire FOR YOU!

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